About ‘BE’


I am me. I am love, passion, joy and hope all rolled into one.

I am poetry in motion, a beautiful symphony or a positive vibe, I am dance, I am music, I am compassion.

I am the light at the end of a long dark tunnel.

I am wise…intelligence at its best.

I am beauty from within.

I am strength, a fighter, a warrior, a lioness.

I am innocence… and guilt.

I am kindness, calmness and nurture.

I am a listener.

I am adventure and bliss, a warm tender kiss.

I am all of these things and so…so much more.

Like everyone else, I have my flaws… my fears and inhibitions…but I see each one as a minor obstacle to be overcome…a welcome challenge.

And each challenge when taken on and over come, will lead me to become the better ME that I want to be.


Chamara ‘BE’ Hollingsworth is a vibrant, passionate, fun loving individual who thoroughly enjoys the simple things in life. Along with her Bsc. in Management Studies, she possesses a passion for assisting others in attaining higher levels and uses the combination of her knowledge, skills, experience and passion to guide others through business  and personal challenges as well as blends those qualities with her skills in event planning to produce training programs and workshops.”

“I am an extremely passionate person. The things I do best are those things that I am passionate about and I am very passionate about communication.”

Chamara D. Hollingsworth (BE)

Mother. Entrepreneur. Poet. Author


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