Talk With Your Child

I truly believed that if I showed my child constant love that it would automatically mean that she would understand what it meant to love herself.

Yesterday, I asked my 5 year old to go and get the hand mirror, look in it ant tell me some of the things she loves about her face. Her response…”nothing”. I started pointing out every feature on her face and explaining why I thought they were absolutely phenomenal… she beamed from ear to ear… Although when I told her that she had beautiful hair she argued with me on that one.

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It is so easy to think that just because your child is joyful, loving towards others and shows a zest for life, that it means that your child is confident and has a high self esteem… you could be right… or you could be dead wrong. This is why it is important to have lots of conversations with your child… but more importantly it is critical to switch up the conversations to see where your child’s mind is really at. You may just learn a few things.

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One thought on “Talk With Your Child

  1. Great post! It’s so true, kids need a lot of conversations to keep their self esteem high 🙂

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