Teach Your Children Self Love…

Teach Your Children Self Love...

Here is something I learned this morning. It is incredibly important to teach your children how to love themselves.

This is completely different from, or rather an extension of showing them love.

For the last 5 years and 2 months I have been consistently telling my daughter how much I love her, how beautiful, sweet, kind, intelligent and caring (among other positive things) she is. I have been giving her lots of hugs, showering her with kisses, intermittent meditations, spending quality time, any thing I can think of.

The result: An incredibly vibrant, cheerful, loving, sweet, kind, fun loving, 5 year old child. (of course it helps that she already possessed these qualities)

This morning I decided to try something a little different. I asked her to repeat after me. She cheerfully agreed…

Me: say I am Beautiful
Sierra (in a very weak voice): I am Beautiful
Me: I am kind
Sierra: I am kind
Me: I am sweet and loving
Sierra starts to cry

To be honest I was shocked at the response, how could this vibrant, positive child, who constantly hears these things react this way to saying these things to herself?

My Lesson: Just because I see it in her and tell her does not mean she sees it in herself.

Go a step further than showing your children love. Show them how to love themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Self Love…

  1. I agree 100%. We try to hard to teach our girls to love themselves for who they are. Peer pressure is still alive and well and we hear about it nearly daily.

  2. I love love love this!! 🙂 Thanks for posting! I am totally doing this with my children! 🙂

  3. I agree! I think teaching your children to say nice things about themselves will help them look and act like it and be positive in life.

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