Talk With Your Children

communicateI have one child. A daughter. She has the most beautiful personality I have ever seen. Like every one else she has her ups and downs, her moments of misery, but overall she is a joyful soul.

My princess is now four years old and I have been chatting with her from the time she was in the womb. Note I said chatting with her and not talking at her, listening is also incredibly important.  Just recently she begun a new milestone… Primary school… no more 24/7 protection and one auntie to seven children or less. It is now the point where one teacher has 15 or more little ones to deal with along with his or her other duties.

Just this week she on the way home she started telling me about her day like she always does. Only this time she decided to add in a piece that she left out from the day before. This left me shocked, and a little down-spirited. But it also made me realize that the talking now has to begin.

The long and short of it is that during the school hours in an unguarded moment one of the little boys from her class found it ideal to show my daughter his private parts.

Now of course I asked many questions and gathered all of the details I could and i subsequently spoke with the teacher and what’s not. But that is not why I write today.

From the time she was in Diapers I made it a point to teach her about her vagina and the fact that no one is to touch it, but it never occurred to me to let her know that no one is to show her his or her Penis or Vagina either, no matter their age or who they are.

I am glad I constantly speak with her though. If I didn’t I would never have been able to know what goes on in her day to day life.

Communicate With your Child(ren). Find out what is going on in their lives and help them to grow into beautiful men and women.

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2 thoughts on “Talk With Your Children

  1. Wow – I found you through the Utimate Blog Challenge. I’m so glad you chat with your daughter, too. Great lesson learned and great advice.

  2. Solid pertinent advice!

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