Appreciate More!

Accomplishment  Recently I decided to take on yet another challenge, this time around I decided to try out the Ultimate Blog Challenge. So far. at day 6, I am enjoying it thoroughly. For the purpose of the challenge, I decided to use my business blog ‘’, and I have talked a lot about goals for the last week. There is so much I can say about goals and communication.

This blog, however, is about me, every aspect of me, the mother, the daughter, friend, professional, poet author…me… ‘BE’.

I will start my first post with a thought that came to me yesterday evening. As would happen with all beings from time to time, I was feeling a little frustrated and started to get really harsh with my self then it came to me:

As people, we keep battling ourselves and trying to figure out where we are going wrong, very few of us take the time out to think about where we are going right and how we can build on that to reap success.

How often do we look at the successes that we already have, the challenges we have conquered along the way, the goals that we have set and achieved.

Look how far I have come.

Why do we keep taking on all of the negative external elements and people around us? When will we stop beating ourselves up and realize that our successes outweigh our failures times over?

We have to lighten our internal loads in order to reach our goals and reap our rewards.

I need to show more gratitude to God, the universe, and myself.

Appreciate More…

Worry Less…


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